Caves and cities

Arrival at Torien's Watch

Session Two, 21 Mar 14

Dunarrin, Joseth, Maggie, Landon

High on the southern side of Bloodstone Pass rests the fortress of Torien, known as the Watch. Here our heroes came, having heard of troubles on the road. Not just the usual summer banditry, but they find out that there are goblins lurking along the highway, and a caravan was nearly wiped out just south of the Watch.

Everyone entering the outer walls of the Watch was interviewed by the gate guard and a scribe (corporal) Jadrien C. scoffed at their ability to accomplish anything useful. After a brief rest, the group left to patrol the road and see if they could develop any information.
A short amount of scouting led them to a steep-sided ravine not far from the road, its banks studded with caves.

The nearest and lowest of these caves was inhabited with goblins, who fought with the explorers. Dunarrin fell into a pit trap but escaped. Maggie’s sleep spell knocked out many of the raiders long enough for Dunarrin to escape, and for their weapons to overcome the lightly-armed goblins. The leader of this small band had some rather expensive jewelry on him.

When they returned to the Watch, bloodied but alive, the gate corporal was a bit impressed. Jadrien asked them for information about the fighting, which she recorded. Later, over supper at the Inn, they met Parniel Garnier and his wife Linna. They were merchants who had been with the caravan that was heading south, but stayed at the Watch to pursue business of their own. He asked to see the fine jewel that had belonged to the goblin chief, and offered to buy it. This was declined at this time. He told them it was not a piece he knew, and he had been the sole jewel-seller in the caravan, so it likely wasn’t from one of its unfortunate victims.


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