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Session 7, 14 Sep 14

Following the success of the new group of heroes, some of them opt to explore another cave. A contractor from the Upper Anuire Guild (Shaene) hired them to accompany him; he had been retained by the Guild to recover two of its missing merchants, from the caravan attacked earlier in the month.

This turned out to be one cave in which the earlier group had fought the small goblins and an ogre the week before. This time, against a smaller group of humans and sidhe, the goblin chief expressed his desire to parley. He didn’t want his already-weakened clan to be wiped out, and offered to trade information.

Gerthakexplained that there were ten inhabited caves, five of them had goblin or hobgoblin residents, one was gnolls, one was bugbears, and one had some humans inside, with skeletons and zombies. One had only an ogre, now dead, and two had scary big monsters, an owlbear and a bugbear with the head of a bull! The last one claimed to be king of this ravine, and all the clans paid tribute to him. The nearest cave to Gerthak’s had a band of bugbears inside, and they had cruelly beaten his tribe into submission. If the group would pay them back for him, he offered later information and aid.

With this offer, the group of adventurers took on the guards near the entrance to this cave. The battle was lost, and Tevan and Roy were left for dead. When they tried to make their way back to the road, 2 humans and a halfling tried to ambush them. One of the humans was killed, and the others fled. These three had been staying at the Watch’s inn for the past few days, but no one could remember why they would want to attack the group?

A new arrival at the Watch was Gavin, a junior member of the Holy Order of Haelyn’s Aegis. He was “questing” seeking a challenge that he might prove himself worthy of a knighthood in that order. He promptly asked to go with this group when they returned— rescuing merchants sounded like just the thing. A local teen from the Watch, Noelan, asked to come along, to help carry stuff. “All knights need squires to polish and carry, right?”

This time, the group went into the same cave as last time, and luckily went past the unguarded entrance and straight to the prison. Roy, the merchant and his wife, and two of their guards were all there to be rescued, along with Boren, a goblin from Gerthak’s tribe. He spoke Anuirean, and told the group that he would be sure to help them in any way he could. Everyone hustled out of the strangely quiet caves, Boren leading them through a tunnel that went directly to his clan’s caves.

Once everyone returned to the Watch, the two mercenaries, Reginald and Hawkeye offered to fight for them for a year, in exchange for food and weapons. Roy promised to fight at Gavin’s side until he retired. The merchant and his wife gave them a magical dagger from their belongings left behind, and promised to pay them more upon their return home. They left the next day with Shaene.

Kiemer (to 2nd), Roy (to henchman), Merwynden, Gavin, Tevan, Noelan


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