Caves and cities

Dwarven vengeance

Session 8, 24 Aug 15

We now shift to the other group of adventurers at Torien’s Watch. This group went to the Caves in search of the body of the fallen Donarrin. They attacked the cave next to the one in which he fell, seeking alternate entries, since the residents were said to also be hobgoblins. This turned out to be the resident of Grunkash, a hobgoblin chieftain with the name of an earlier chieftain. These goblin warriors fought to the death, and their chief’s magic axe was taken as a trophy.

The group then retired to the Watch, much bloodied by their battle. Jan Cena needed more time to heal and mourn his cousin, while Taklinn, from the same clan, led the second incursion. This time, Gavin joined them. A peek into the same cave found it abandoned by hobgoblins. Emboldened, the group explored a most foul-smelling cave at the head of the ravine. Gavin had a bad time with a gray ooze, but they overcame that to recover a silver goblet from its pool of water. They made a quick trip back to the Watch, visiting Parniel Garnier to sell it for money to gain healing potions.

Returning to the same cave, they took on the wild owlbear that lived in this cave. Easily the scariest single thing any of them had seen so far, they fought it and overcame. Their courage boosted, they pushed on to the neighboring cave, which turned into a twisting maze. At the end of the maze, they were surprised by a creature: a bugbear’s large body, but with the head of the bull! Fortunately for them, this was not the much-feared
Gorgon, but still an unnatural combination, perhaps from the Shadow World. They fought it, and won this round, too. Fine treasures were recovered here, including a magical suit of armor for Gavin and a healing staff for Deloran.

Constantina, Jan Cena, Taklinn, Drebin, Gavin, Ivik Umbringer, Aavar, Kiemer, Deloran


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