Caves and cities

Meanwhile, in another cave

Session 5, 23 Aug 14

In the tavern of the Watch, another group of adventurers formed up around a joyous dinner table. The new companions thought they could better the deeds of their neighbors, and pledged to explore and overcome the dangers of this ravine full of goblins. They opted to climb the steep sides and enter the highest cave mouth at the head of the ravine.

Turning to the right at most of the intersections, they found this cave to lead to a tunnel that was clearly worked stone. The walls and floor were smooth and polished, and their footsteps echoed hollowly. This group was mostly sidhe, and they used their stealthy nature to somehow avoid alarming any inhabitants. The first chamber they entered was a crypt with many stone coffins. Thinking that they had found the resting place of some goblin kings, they set to opening them. The bodies within appeared to have been human rather than goblin, and one of the corpses had a clearly magical sword; Ivik Umbringer claimed this. This turned out to be a fortunate find, as another coffin revealed a dangerous undead being, a wight! This terrifying undead was eventually overcome with the help of this mighty blade, which burst into flames when it fought!

In the hall outside, they were surprised to find how the halls were kept so clean: a blob of magical gelatin was passing through, sweeping up all the debris it encountered. They attacked this unnatural thing and overcame it, too. ’

Further explorations led to a storage chamber, and that had a secret exit. The narrow, dark, passage beyond took them to a dead end. Literally, since there was a human (or sidhelien?) skeleton there. This unfortunate (a thief? an explorer?) had clearly been here a long time, but his boots, obviously magical, still looked new, as did the wand he carried. Just past him lay the hidden latch for another secret door, one that opened into an opulently-decorated bedchamber.

Surprised here were a pack of gnolls, who quickly armed themselves and leapt to attack! After a short battle that led to two dead gnolls, the leader begged for truce and both groups retreated. (Deismir 25)

Will’s 16th birthday party: Kiemer, Roy, Ivik Umbringer, Drebin, others


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