Parniel Garnier



Wife: Linna Garnier

Both of them have been at Torien’s Watch since before the adventurers arrived. They have two humans and two large dogs as guards for themselves and their valuables.

He’s been friendly and forthcoming with the party, ready to buy the jewels that they have been recovering from the humanoids in the Caves. He’s been pleasantly surprised at how many, and how valuable, they have been. “Very soon, I may have to ask you to guard /me/ on the way to the city!” he jokes.

He is a member of the Upper Anuire Traders guild, which does business down the river and across the mountains in Dhoesone.

After the party rescued his superior in the Guild, he became even more friendly. “After all, a friend of the Master is a friend of mine!” he smiles.

Parniel Garnier

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