Sir Arlen Devarren

male Anuirean, older adult, noble fighter


He is rarely seen by anyone outside the Inner Keep of the Watch. Rumors flow that he is too old and weary to come out and actively serve, or that he is in mourning for his late wife.


Sir Arlen Devarren is The Watcher, a title that goes to the defender of the castle Torien’s Watch. He has been a devoted and capable soldier for the Mhor for all of his life. Years ago, during the invasion by the goblin chieftain Grunkash, he led a company of spearmen, and killed Grunkash himself.

That earned him both a scion’s bloodline, and a knighthood from the Mhor. Eight years later, he received the appointment to Torien’s Watch, and moved his family here.

His wife is deceased. His oldest son is here as his heir, the other is at a different castle in the Mhor’s service. His daughters have also moved away.

Sir Arlen Devarren

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