Torien's Watch

Torien’s Watch is the name of both a province and a castle.

The province is the northernmost in Mhoried, bordering Cariele to the north, Five Peaks to the west, and Markazor to the east. It is heavily forested, and contains the southern slopes and foothills of the eastern half of the Stonecrown Mountains. Bloodstone Pass lies within the province as well, so there is a road to Cariele and the Ruide Valley beyond.

The castle was established to guard the southern entrance of that pass, long after the famous battle with the sidhelien. Emperor XXX ordered its construction in yyy. As the Mhoried clan were the vassals that ruled Mhoried for the Emperor, they were responsible for the construction and maintenance.

Since 538 MR, the castle and province have been held by Watcher. He obtained this post after several years of faithful service to the Mhor family, including a major victory over a humanoid incursion from Five Peaks in 534. (see Grunkash)

Torien's Watch

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