Caves and cities

Catching up with the family

Session 10, 18 Dec 15

Now came a 2-day period of recuperation for our original group. The highlight of Torien’s Watch was the arrival of a caravan from Cariele and Tuarhievel, which included Raven Peranwyr, a sidhelien warrior. She and Maggie quickly found each other, and the others were surprised to learn that these were (half-)siblings! Also in the new arrivals was the sidhelien wizard Merwynden.

After a suitable time for recovery from wounds, the group set out to strike at the caves again. Gavin stayed behind, as he had been summoned to the inner keep of the Watch.

Near the entrance to the ravine, they met Boren, a goblin who had been waiting for humans to come along. He represented his chief Gerthak. He passed along that there was a growing number of undead at the cave controlled by the humans at the upper caves at the head of the ravine. They decided to head there.

This time, the first few rooms explored harbored 8 zombies, all partially armored and wearing a sort of uniform tunic. After defeating these, they tried to rest up, but this was interrupted after a few hours by another group of zombies. A brief fight led to the party exiting the way they came in, after destroying those same zombies.

Now came a 3-day break for healing, and then they thought to patrol the riverbank again. They encountered a quartet of bugbears, apparently fishing. Unlike their earlier meeting with the large goblinoids, these 4 were willing to live and let live, seeing the party walk away without violence. With this uneventful foray, they returned to Watch, to see what Gavin had learned.

Merwynden, Taklinn, Raven Peranwyr, Maggie Peranwyr, Joseth, Landen (to Pr4)


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