Caves and cities

New companions, an ogre

Session 3, 28 Mar 14

Thinking that they needed a little help, the group hired Tevan to help them carry stuff while they explored. A sidhelien wizard named Fistandantalus asked to accompany them when they looked for trouble. A brawny Vos warrior named Pyotr (he declined to name his family) said he was bored, and wanted to find some action.

They returned to the caves, selecting the lowest one on the south bank. This also had goblins within, and they fought with many of them, killing most. An ogre came to join the goblins, but he was also slain. Fearing that the appearance of that monster meant that more reinforcements were coming, the group retreated from the ravine.

Along the road, they met 3 humans who tried to rob them, but were quickly arrested. A cache of plundered silk was recovered, and these were brought to the Watch as well.

Corporal was impressed that they had fought goblins and an ogre, and bought them drinks at the tavern that night.

Landon (to 3rd), Pyotr, Fistandantalus, Dunarrin


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