Caves and cities

Down by the river

Session 4, 24 May 2014

Wondering if the goblins had crossed the river from Five Peaks, our heroes thought to explore the riverbank for clues. Slogging through the swamps, they found plenty of mosquitoes. On the first day, they met one human warrior, who told them he was a guard for a grain merchant who had just loaded a boat and left down river. They parted amicably.

Later that day, they found what looked like a cave in a grassy hummock above the water. It turned out to be the lair of four undead ghouls. Maggie was very quick to react to the threat with a Color Spray spell, which helped a lot. The ghouls nearly overcame them anyway, but they were rescued by the timely appearance of the stranger Pyotr! With his big sword, they defeated the ghouls. One of these was a sidhe messenger who had been missing for over a week, a diplomatic courier. Among the belongings left in the lair were several spell scrolls, which Maggie greatly treasured— she could perhaps teach herself to cast these without needing an expensive or dominating teacher.

Camping overnight near the river should have been restful, but it wasn’t. During joseth’s watch, a handful of wolves crept up to them and attacked! The pack retreated once 2 of them were slain, but no rest and fresh wounds made everyone to agree to retreat to the Watch again. (Desimir 21-22)

After a two day rest, they headed back to the caves under rainy skies. This time, they tried a third cave entrance, which held hobgoblins. Their training and arms were better than that of the goblins they had fought earlier, and the group turned back to the Watch. (Deismir 23-25)

Here, they rested for several days.

Maggie, Joseth, Dunarrin, Pyotr, Landon, Tevan


LeeHanna LeeHanna

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