Caves and cities

Underwater interlude

Session 9, 11 Dec 2015

There was much celebration in Torien’s Watch, when it was announced that the two most fearsome creatures in the Caves had been slain. Parniel Garnier made much of the appearance of so many high-quality gems held by the leaders of the humanoid clans. Jadrien was impressed by the appearance of not one, but two, magic swords. A mercenary named Oervel was loudly asking the two adventuring teams why they thought so many different types of humanoids were living so close together, but he was interrupted by Tannen.

There was another cause for celebration: a fast-moving courier came through from Tuarhievel, the sidhelien land to the north. The Mhor’s niece, Savane of Mhoried, was to marry the Prince of Tuarhievel, after a whirlwind romance. She had disguised herself to accompany the diplomatic mission, and she and the prince had fallen in love. More diplomats were expected to follow, as many things would need to be finalized.

Returning to our original group, while the others invaded the caves, they went to patrol the riverbank again. This time they were surprised to be approached by someone walking out from under the surface! This man didn’t come all the way to the shore, but pleaded with them to help his family.

The family turned out to be one of nixies, relatives of the sidhe who live underwater, and sometimes have human servants or followers. One of the family’s daughters had been abducted by a magical ring that had turned into a portal of some kind, and some of their servants and warriors had been lost as well. The group agreed to help, and accepted the magical kisses of the nixies, which granted them underwater breathing.

Beyond the portal, in dark and dusty chambers, they found that the portal led to an underground burial chamber, probably far away. Those with some historical knowledge suspected the tomb was Masetian, and therefore rather ancient. Inside, they found and fought two mummies, magical undead guardians. only magical weapons could harm them, and fortunately, Landen had one. The first mummy defeated had another magical sword in its back, and Joseth was able to retrieve it. It was a sabre, apparently made of glass, and so not something he was familiar with using.

After returning to the surface, with the missing daughter, the nixies thanked them greatly. They were pleased that they were able to get some help from shore-dwellers, as they had been driven off in the past from the boats that crossed the river by night.

After a night of celebrating in Torien’s Watch, they opted to return to the caves again. They didn’t get there, as they were ambushed at a narrow spot in the road by bugbears! Maggie, Hawkeye, and Roy were nearly killed, but hard fighting by Taklinn, Deloran, and Landen turned the tide and slew many of the bugbears.

Maggie Peranwyr (to Mag2/Rog3), Joseth (to Rog4), Landen (to Clr 3), Gavin (to Pal2),Taklinn (to ftr2), Reginald, Hawkeye, Roy, Coeran


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